Meralco Sustainability Investment Reach Over ₱100

Manila Electric Company (Meralco), the biggest distributing operator in the Philippines, is allocating PHP 100 billion through 2030 to initiatives that would guarantee renewable energy supply and tackle the obstacles brought on by climate change. Important initiatives targeted at bolstering Meralco’s network of distributors will receive the capital allocation. These programs aim to improve robustness in the midst of the growing difficulties brought on by environmental degradation in addition to ensuring sustainability. Here are some key informational points regarding the most recent Meralco Sustainability Investment.

What is Meralco?

The biggest electricity provider in the Philippines’ private sector, Meralco serves 72 municipalities and 39 cities. At more than 9,685 km2, the area under its jurisdiction makes up 3% of the Philippines’ total geographical location, producing 55% of the country’s electricity.

How is Meralco contributing to Sustainability?

The company is in an exceptional position to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), namely 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, as a significant stakeholder in the Philippine energy sector. They additionally encourage and back up to ten other SDGs through their various businesses and efforts.

Meralco Sustainability Investment Programs Implemented

One for Trees

The One Meralco Foundation is handling the environmental initiative One for Trees. Agroforestry and replanting help safeguard and preserve the forests of the Philippines. Some of their major goals include…

  • Nurture and safeguard at least 5 million trees by 2025
  • Give the local communities that surround protected sites a stable means of subsistence.
  • Make sure cultivated trees have a minimum 80% survival rate.
  • Encourage and organize supporters to aid in environmental protection

The project trains and hires locals to be tree growers and caretakers, enabling them to offer sustainable living. In order to continue enjoying the advantages of robust and fruitful woods, people receive instruction in agroforestry.

Ester Oil Transformers

The corporation takes great pride in its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. In line with this ethos, all of its new distribution transformers are not only highly efficient but also incredibly eco-friendly. These transformers are manufactured using a revolutionary blend of materials that make them 99% recyclable and biodegradable.

What is Ester Oil?

At the heart of this environmentally conscious approach is the exclusive use of natural ester oil in the production process. Natural ester oil, derived from renewable resources, offers numerous advantages over traditional mineral oil. Not only does it provide superior insulation and cooling properties, but it also has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases through Renewable Energy

By opting for natural ester oil as the primary component, the corporation aims to minimize the environmental impact associated with transformer manufacturing. This choice enables a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and helps mitigate climate change while simultaneously promoting the responsible use of resources.

Durability of Eco-Friendly Transformers

These transformers are designed to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability. The corporation recognizes the critical role played by transformers in the efficient and reliable distribution of electricity. Therefore, they ensure that each transformer undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to guarantee optimal performance and longevity.

Transition to Clean Energy

The corporation has pledged to obtain 1,500 MW of its electricity demand from renewable energy sources by 2025, as it fully supports the Department of Energy’s Renewable Portfolio Standards. Additionally, they are moving more quickly to complete their ambition to build up to 1,500 MW of green electricity capability through renewable energy by 2027. BulacanSol, a 55-MW solar farm, was MGreen’s first project, and it started operating in May 2021 as one of Meralco’s Sustainability Investments.

Meralco’s Sustainability Investment

“We are proud to commit over PHP100 billion in capital expenditures (capex) to initiatives that not only enhance our infrastructure but also align with the government’s vision for a sustainable future,” Meralco executive vice president and chief operating officer Ronnie Aperocho asserted in an announcement through the weekend. Environmental sustainability is deeply ingrained in Meralco’s activities and its strategic objectives.

Electrification Initiative through Meralco’s Sustainability Investment

Through One Meralco Foundation’s electricity programs for disadvantaged communities, rural region clinics, water supply endeavors, and poverty alleviation initiatives, Meralco’s solar power company, MSpectrum Inc., aims to accelerate the implementation of renewable power systems in residential and commercial premises.

The country’s energy transition goals, including becoming coal-free by 2050, would be accelerated by these projects and innovative technologies like solar power and cell power systems, according to Manuel Pangilinan, chairman and CEO of Meralco.

PHP 100B Meralco Sustainability Investment

In addition to strengthening its distribution network and expanding its portfolio of projects utilizing clean energy, Meralco has allocated funds to support the adoption of solar energy by businesses and individual homeowners through MSpectrum, as well as to support humanitarian and amelioration campaigns through the solar power projects of One Meralco Foundation, which are directed towards impoverished families, rural healthcare centers, water-related projects, and income generation initiatives.

New Projects through the Meralco Sustainability Investment

Through MGen Renewable Energy, Inc. (MGreen), an entirely owned division of Meralco PowerGen Corporation, Meralco is accelerating the establishment of environmentally friendly initiatives, mainly using wind and solar power avenues, in line with its goal of a fair, organized, and cost-effective shift to green electricity.

Power, Planet, People, and Prosperity Pillars of Meralco’s Sustainability Investment

Sustainability was elevated to the top of Meralco’s organizational strategy and became the foundation of its operations and strategy in 2019. Since then, they have included their business in a number of environmental campaigns pertaining to the pillars of Power, Planet, People, and Prosperity.

They want to outline their long-term environmental ambitions based on a fair, orderly, and economical transition to renewable energy and start to develop and advance their sustainability strategy in 2021.

Race to Zero-Waste through the Meralco Sustainability Investment

Meralco strives to reduce trash and divert waste from landfills through our Race to Zero Trash (RZW) Program. All of their locations, including those of their subsidiaries, offices, and supply chain partners, are covered by their ban on single-use plastics (SUPs). The corporation has altogether avoided almost 350,000 kg of SUPs since 2023, which is the same as 35 million plastic bottles.

CODE Light Bot and Air Quality Monitoring

A chatbot called CODE (Care Operations for Disasters and Emergencies) Light Bot gives employers a high-level perspective on the everyday well-being and productivity of their staff. Furthermore, it provides them with vital information on the quality of the air, including temperature, humidity, and particle matter, all of which are obtained from air quality sensors located throughout their corporate office.

Meralco Supplier Sustainability Scorecard

They promote sustainability concepts across their business network and guarantee vendor awareness and compliance with their environmental requirements by means of the Meralco Supplier Sustainability Scorecard (MS3). For suppliers to maintain their certification with Meralco, MS3 evaluates them based on important ethical criteria and disclosures that are in line with the UN SDGs and modeled after the standards set by the GRI.

Empowering Meralco’s Sustainability Investment

As we move forward, it is crucial for more companies to follow Meralco’s lead and prioritize sustainability in their business strategies. By doing so, we can collectively create a more resilient and sustainable future and ensure that generations to come will have access to clean and reliable energy.

The recent Meralco Sustainability Investment serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for other companies in the Philippines and beyond. It highlights the importance of recognizing the urgency of environmental challenges and taking tangible actions to mitigate their impact.

In conclusion, Manila Electric Company (Meralco) has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and combating the challenges posed by climate change. With a significant allocation of PHP 100 billion through 2030, Meralco is investing in initiatives that ensure a renewable energy supply and strengthen its network of distributors.

These efforts are not only for Meralco’s own growth and resilience but also for the overall progress of the Philippines towards a greener future. As the largest distributing operator in the country, Meralco’s sustainability investment will have a significant impact on the transition to a low-carbon economy and the reduction of environmental degradation.

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