Our Story

We are more than just eCommerce. 

Shoppable was created to solve the manual process of procurement in the Philippines. Our founders experienced how difficult it is to procure authentic branded products online and offline in the Philippines. In December of 2021, an experienced team was formed to initially create a B2B Marketplace with a vision to digitize the procurement process and become the #1 B2B Marketplace in the Philippines.

Shoppable is a Philippine company that is a venture backed SaaS enabled B2B marketplace and technology company, wholesaler, retailer, building the largest supply of branded products and services in Southeast Asia.

We aim to make a change. We believe that thinking differently and making things better is one way of achieving innovation. Our business only has one goal. To build trust, satisfy, and delight our customers in extraordinary ways. Our goal is to make eCommerce better, accessible, and convenient for customers, at the best pricing, faster shipping, better selection, and product authenticity. Through our innovative platform and logistics infrastructure we are helping sellers sell more and buyers buy smarter. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help sellers and brands in Southeast Asia by providing a platform that creates an unforgettable and authentic buying and selling experience, through the widest selection of categories.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the #1 B2B technology provider of choice for brands, distributors, resellers, and retailers in Southeast Asia with the largest supply of branded products and services. 

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