Guide: How to Optimize Your eCommerce Product Listings for Maximum Conversions

You’ve started your business, you already have a brand, and you already have an online store, but the question is – why aren’t you getting any sales? Perhaps you need to tweak something on your product listings. Know how to optimize it and the reason behind the stagnancy of your sales. Nobody wants to experience this, especially in this day and age where you’ve already started and exhausted so much of your effort, resources, and energy to create a brand. 

Fuss not, and take it from the experts! Know what you should do and how you may begin selling your products or services without further adieu. In this article, you’ll learn about how you can optimize your product listings and how you can make maximum conversions through your online shop or eCommerce platform. 

Table of Contents

What is a Product Listing?
How Can I Optimize My Business’ Product Listings?
What are eCommerce Conversions?
Why are Conversions Important?
Search Engine Optimization for Online Sellers
How You Can Make Your Advertisements Effective

What is a Product Listing?

As it may sound self-explanatory, a Product Listing on eCommerce platforms is your products or services posted online. These products or services correspond to a detailed description, pricing, and shipping details. These are your products and services, everything you offer for sale or use within your business’ brand

When you create a page on an eCommerce platform, sometimes, it won’t be the first product or service on top of the charts. These rankings have to earn their place to be on top. And those on top are the most commonly selected listings by buyers. If you have been experiencing issues with making your listings reach the top ranks, then this means that your listings need optimization. Fret not, for this has nothing to do with your products or services themselves; this has something to do with your effort to ensure that your products or services will reach the right audience. 

Reaching your target audience may be difficult at first, even if you’ve already launched your business online through an eCommerce platform. Without the proper guidance in navigating how eCommerce platforms may work best for your business, you will experience countless turmoils and challenges in acquiring the client sales you have set for your business. Understand how to reach your sales goals through a straightforward optimization process. 

How Can I Optimize My Business’ Product Listings?

One of the most beneficial practices you can do for your business, primarily if you’re operating online, is to optimize your products through their names and descriptions. This task is not difficult as it only requires time and information about your products and services. Practicing product optimization on each product or service listing will eliminate confusion for buyers. It will allow them to enter your online store with a better aura than when you haven’t optimized your product listings yet. 

Product listings present the display of the items or services that are listed in your online business store. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when optimizing the content and information of your products or services…

  • Patch up a detailed description of your products or services

    Buyers want to know the details of your products, such as the basics like capacity, weight, length, height, width, matte or glossy finish, and other descriptors. It’s very simple; you need to accurately describe your products or services and include these descriptions in the portion where you can type this information.
  • Describe your product with descriptive keywords that the buyers can easily search for.

    Be wary of providing information that is false or misleading. Nobody wants to be given false information, let alone be misled by vaguely exaggerated descriptions. Let’s say no to misleading information and a big yes to truthful and accurate information.
  • Make your product or service photographs creative.

    We’re not talking about graphically edited images that are almost unrecognizable from your product or service; we’re talking about providing accurate images that are precisely what you offer. If you place yourself in the shoes of your buyer, you would also want to receive the products or services you saw in the image, not something that kept your standards up high and disappointed you when you received them. The more photos you have, the better.
  • Place your best-sellers and promotional products front and center.

    When you’re shopping, and you don’t know which products or services are the best, you would want to be guided by the ones that are commonly bought. These are the ones we refer to as “best-sellers.” Best-selling products are those that have gained popularity and sales numbers. These are the fan-favorite of buyers. If you already have products that sell more often than the others, then you can place these products or services at the front and center of your online business page. 

    You may also include the products or services you set on sale to introduce new items to your customers. Customers like the experience of exploring and experiencing new products that are fresh on the market. These may be products that have just been developed or those that your business has tweaked; nonetheless, you have the upper hand in letting your customers know which items they should buy next. So utilize this opportunity wisely to affect your online business effectively. 
  • Hype up your ratings and product reviews

    When you receive excellent reviews, don’t be shy to place them up the page. Pin them if you must, or have a specific section to showcase all the positive reviews and qualities your customers share about your business. This is another strategy that can boost your publicity online. When new buyers come in and see the reviews that other customers have made, they’ll learn that you are a trustworthy business that offers quality products and services. 

    Don’t let the opportunity go to waste, and get more customers by providing them with the information they need about who you are, what types of products you offer, and how well you offer them. When you are described excellently in reviews, you may engage with your customers by providing expressions of gratitude and a promise of continued growth and service. Otherwise, if you receive reviews that are not so good, learn from these instances where you can capture the space on which you can improve. Don’t be discouraged when you receive poor reviews after your efforts to make things better; sometimes, it takes a little time and a little more hard work to allow your work to bear fruit. Continue learning and expanding your horizons, and let your customers know that you are capable of continued excellence. 
  • Provide proper navigation

    If your customer is looking for office supplies, you have to be prepared to have the label “office supplies” on your online business page. And in that page, you must also accurately provide the different categories that correspond to the office supplies you offer. 

    In providing proper navigation on online eCommerce platforms, you must take the time to provide exactly all the labels, information, and categorical descriptors that will help your customers navigate through your page easily. Make sure that you accurately clear up all the confusing information you have previously set before your product optimization. This way, only the direction that leads correctly to your product listings will be featured in your online eCommerce platform. 

What are eCommerce Conversions?

Know that there are different eCommerce conversion rates, and they have specific means of being measured. When conversion rates are benchmarked, sellers must remember that these numbers are placed under a common denominator. While all this sounds very mathematical, it isn’t that difficult. Retail conversions from your product listings may be statistically divided among your different categories, such as…

  • Conversion rates by source – Sources may differ from one business to another. Other business may be using their websites to redirect to their eCommerce platform, while others may be using their social media pages to redirect to their product listings, directly driving their lines to specific listings and not page visits. 
  • Conversion rates by region – This is closely related to the geo-targeting of companies that have their marketing strategies anchored on specific locations. This conversion is helpful for country or region-specific KPIs for obtaining pertinent information regarding your customer segmentation and statistics of how you have achieved your goals. 
  • Conversion rates by visitor sessions – This type of conversion are specific to the page visits a business requires. The conversions from this type of business are available for businesses who focus on having information about the marketing strategies they have made an effort on, generating the numbers about how their different pages, including their eCommerce page, have been performing in a specific period.

There are different conversion rates for eCommerce platforms that sellers like you need to consider. Marketers use a set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to have a foundation which they can anchor from. Their succeeding conversion rates will depend on the KPI they have set for their business, and the results of their business activity will be averaged and compared to their given KPI. 

Country-specific KPIs are examined differently as different demographics are applied to specific countries. Some countries have the means to spend on specific products, while others have different spending habits. These factors affect the flow of how their eCommerce conversion rates are made. Knowing how your chosen country’s spending pattern from a general perspective will give you a good figure when computing your eCommerce conversion rate when you have set your conversions to a country-specific scale. 

Why are Conversions Important?

Knowing your eCommerce conversion rate will help you optimize your website and eCommerce page. And when you optimize your pages, you can guide visitors to your website or eCommerce page, creating an increased page visit and obtaining new revenue for your recurring and new clientele.

Increasing your eCommerce conversion rate will give your business the wings to fly and generate lump sums of revenue, earning your business a more considerable profit margin on a monthly scale. At this rate, when your audience is finally aware of your business, even the slightest changes you make to improve your business will already create a direct and positive impact on your business. 

You need to understand how your business may grow at a better rate through your conversion rates because conversion rates present the comparison and differences in the performance of your advertisement channels. This process allows you to lower costs in other unwanted and unnecessary advertisement expenditures, such as social media advertising and search engine optimization costs. 

When you optimize your eCommerce page’s conversion rate, you can provide your customers with an experience that will be easy for them to make each purchase faster and more effectively. Get the most value from your page visits when you create optimized quality listings. Since the ratio of transactions and sessions on your eCommerce page visits are expressed in percentages, you may easily monitor your conversion performance and work on achieving better results. 

Personalizing your product or service listings will have customers flock to your business. When you have persuasive designs or content, such as product images, easy navigation, and proper labeling, you can easily reach the conversion rates you desire. Showcase your products with the intent to persuade, and let your products do the talking. Allow your listings to speak for themselves because eCommerce platforms are built in such a way that it inspires customers to purchase what is visually appealing and descriptively accurate.

One eCommerce platform that offers all these tools and features is Shoppable and Shoppable Business. The newest eCommerce platform; offers countless tools and features, helping buyers and sellers connect more effectively. One of their features includes a detailed view of your business’s performance, including its conversion rate. Shoppable has two separate platforms, one for consumers and another for sellers like yourself.

Why Join Shoppable

Earlier, we mentioned the new face in town – Shoppable. And since it’s a startup eCommerce company, we still have to hear who and what Shoppable is. What do they specialize in, and why should we join one of the country’s newest innovative eCommerce startup companies – Shoppable.

  • It’s FREE – It’s free to start selling on the Shoppable platform. As long as you’re a legally registered business, you’ll be able to list products for free on Shoppable. You only pay a commission if an item sells on the platform, and you get paid.
  • Expand your Customer base – Through Shoppable, you’ll reach thousands of new customers for free. Think of Shoppable as your marketing arm that you only pay when you have a sale.
  • Get your eCommerce Store – Increase sales by digitalizing your product catalog and reaching customers worldwide. Print catalogs are dying, costly, and not environment friendly – digital is the future. Sellers can get their eCommerce store on Shoppable Business which can be given to any client.
  • Procurement Technology – Enable your customers to pay you online through Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Over-the-Counter Payments, Recurring Payments, and more. Easily track and manage orders, payments, and shipping through the Shoppable platform.
  • Shipping Technology – Shoppable has integrated directly with multiple shipping couriers, enabling you to provide same-day to next-day delivery to your customers.
  • Compliance – Sales invoices and 2307’s required? Don’t worry; Shoppable has got you covered! The platform keeps sellers fully compliant, never worrying about missing documents.
  • 3PL & Fulfilment Services – Need additional manpower? Shoppable can provide you with warehousing and fulfillment solutions to expand your brand to different locations enabling you to deliver products faster to your customers.
  • Real Sellers, Real Buyers, and Real Products only – We vet and interview sellers that join the platform, so you will be assured that all of the products and transactions are authentic and legitimate.
Search Engine Optimization for Online Sellers

Search Engine Optimization is when you look up a term, product, name, brand, or thing on your search engine, and you see those blue hyperlinks – that is search engine optimization. You can’t deny that you’re not guilty of clicking only up to the links shown on the first page of the search engine. Know that all those links you see aren’t just links alone; it took time and effort for those links to be at the top

From your perspective, as an eCommerce seller, you must consider that you work on your products so that your target audience may be informed and reach them accordingly. Your role as a seller is to properly guide your target audience and existing customers to your business. Search engine optimization is the map, the beacon that guides your customers and target audience to reach you without delay. 

Here’s what you need to know to maximize your SEO strategies for eCommerce use…

  • Understand the different search insights and trends in the Philippines to get a scope of what you should focus on and include in your product listings.
  • Get more page traffic by making your page more visible to different audiences (don’t focus on a specific type of demographic alone); try exploring different client opportunities.
  • Obtain organic (free) advertisements through link-building.
  • Strive to rank top-notch among the different brands and businesses in your industry through non-paid advertisements like Search Engine Optimization.

One of the things that you can do for your business is to launch a project focused on SEO. It could be organizing your website using a third-party application or software or identifying the keywords that will be used to direct client traffic to your website; try and explore the different options that you can work on in obtaining better results for page traffic and sales. 

You may also begin a link-building campaign that works towards connecting your product listings with a diverse crowd of potential customers. While some forms of link-building may cost a hefty amount, others offer them for free. It all takes a reasonable effort to explore the vast internet space and reach out to those who offer them for free. There’s no harm in reaching out to companies, vloggers, bloggers, and other famous personalities in the industry who may be interested in contributing to your link-building campaign at no cost. 

Others may also be interested in forming a partnership with your business through an x-deal agreement. An x-deal agreement connects your business with another company or individual with an agreement to provide your partner with a product or service in exchange for the publicity you will receive from them. For example, if your business launched a link-building campaign to work on your brand’s search engine optimization, and you decided to work with a Filipino blogger, you may obtain a backlink from their blog and provide a product that they would agree to receive in exchange for the publicity they will contribute to your business. 

How You Can Make Your Advertisements Effective

There are different forms of advertisement, from providing promotional materials, discounts, referrals, and other perks; sometimes, the return on investment (ROI) of these efforts isn’t that good. We sometimes spend more than we earn and end up dismayed for being unable to reach our business goals. 

When making your advertisements effective, here are some things you should know and always keep in mind…

  1. Be truthful – You can’t please everyone, and lying about something you are not is a big protruding no. When you are honest about your products and listings and who you are as a brand, you will attract buyers that like you for you
  1. Communicate in layman’s terms – As a seller, you don’t have to memorize the encyclopedia of office supplies, wood, or other products you sell; you have to know what you are selling and how you can let your customers know how good your products are
  1. Make your advertisements professional – Customers wouldn’t trust an advertisement that looks as if it was created by unassuming personnel or if it was copy-pasted from an existing brand’s intellectual property. Create your publication materials in such a way that it is presentable and worthy of display. Advertisement materials overflowing with fluff and other information tend to be neglected by consumers. Human brains don’t want to be overstimulated with information and words, so keep your advertisement materials simple but informative. You may also try different quirky and witty publication methods that make your customers and target market unconventionally remember you. 
  1. Make your headlines stand out – Yes, you may use images or graphics on your publication materials, but without proper labels, headlines, and information, how will your buyers know who you are and what you’re selling. Use proper headlines and make them stand out from the rest of your published material. Include your business’ contact information, such as social media pages, a website, and perhaps a QR code if you have one. 
  1. Conduct market research – Analyze the ongoing trends that have your customers and target market hyped. Grab attention by evaluating your most robust competencies and highlighting them to be presented to your customers and target market. 

When working on advertisements, you need three things: transparency, quality, and trends. An abbreviation for this is “TQT.” Be informed about how you may work around the ongoing trends to coincide with your business’ strong sleuths. Let your potential customers and existing customers know that you are a business they can rely on

Explore the different ways that you can obtain advertisements for free. After all, advertisements are costly and may reflect negatively on your business’ bank account if you spend too much on getting customers to know who you are and purchase from you. Remember, the ultimate goal of advertising is to drive traffic to your business and generate sales; this doesn’t work the other way around. You’re not supposed to spend thousands or millions on advertising and not receive a return on investment. Word of mouth is one of the most influential and oldest forms of marketing. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to be known. Use these tips to your advantage! 

Optimization for Product Listings

Optimizing your product listings takes time and effort. The top three things you need to remember are to create accurate descriptions and provide quality images, and include positive reviews on your page. Don’t hide the things you excel at; it’s better to let it out there and make your clientele know more about your strong characteristics that they can also benefit from. Upload quality images that are accurate and include detailed descriptions that are informative and necessary. You don’t need to write a novel when it comes to optimizing your descriptions; you need to introduce your products in a way that is truthful and accurate to what your products or services offer. 

Product Conversions on eCommerce Platforms

Make it a habit to work towards raising the notch of your eCommerce product conversions. When you obtain a good number of your conversions, you can reach more buyers and potential partners for your business. You can grow more effectively and efficiently without expelling costly money. Monitor your business’ product conversions, and compare how well you are doing against your competitors. It’s nothing personal, and part of operating a business is watching your competitors closely and keeping them under your nose. 

Search Engine Optimization

You can work your way up to the top charts! It takes some resource hunting and time, but with the right amount of effort, you can also top the charts. When your product or page reaches the top of the charts, your products will immediately receive a higher number of sales, and your page will receive a more significant number of page traffic. This is the goal you must achieve for your business and product listings. Try different ways to obtain a good rank in the search engine. This could be link-building, website optimization, social media linking, or other unconventional ways to make your search engine optimization rank better. 


Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with new ways to reach your target market and customers properly. You can work on this by analyzing the trends and performing frequent research about your market. When you know how your market performs, you can better predict which action route you can take to create better listings and product optimization for your business’ advertisement efforts. Don’t be afraid to perform trial and error methods in your business. You can improve your products and services with suitable publication materials and push them on the charts. And also, the best and most effective form of advertisement is word of mouth – and it’s free. 


To sum it all up, it is integral that we work on the technical aspects of our businesses. As entrepreneurs, we can’t leave all the work to our clients and hope they will buy our products or services. We need to do the work to make things happen. Once we have done so, we can count on the fruits of our hard work. Your time to shine is now; join the country’s leading digital procurement eCommerce platform – Shoppable! Hit us up at [email protected] if you have any questions. Join us now!

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