Get protected from payments to delivery
when purchasing on

Shoppable guarantee
is a benefit that protects
both buyer and sellers
from fraudulent transactions.

Shoppable Guarantee ensures every
step of your purchasing journey

With Shoppable Guarantee, sellers won’t receive payment until the buyer confirms
the order has been received successfully. Once the buyer has accepted the order
and has inspected the product(s), the payment will be released to the seller.

Shoppable guarantee; guarantees that all products you purchase are 100% authentic and that you will receive the item you purchased or your money back.

The Shoppable guarantee period is calculated based on how many days it
takes for the seller to ship and process an order (DTSO), logistics delivery time,
and the time it takes for the buyer to
confirm the order, which starts from
the date the order is placed.


of Pesos Saved







How is this calculated? Here is an example (ACTUAL DAYS MAY VARY)

  1. Days to Ship Order after payment is made = 2 business days (DTSO)
  2. Days for a courier to deliver an item = 7 days. This is also dependent on the location of the seller (Logistics Courier Delivery Time)
  3. Buyer to order inspect and click order received  = 7 days (Buyer Confirmation Time)

Shoppable Guarantee Period = 16 Days in the example above. Actual Guarantee period will vary depending on the DTSO and Logistics Courier Delivery time.

Days to Ship Order (DTSO)This is the number of days it takes for the seller to process, prepare/pack an order before shipping
Logistics Courier Delivery TimeThe number of days it takes for an order to arrive from the date the courier picks up the order from the seller and delivered to the shipping destination of the buyer.
Buyer Confirmation TimeThe maximum number of allowed days it takes for the buyer to confirm the order has been received successfully.

How we protect your purchases on Shoppable Business

Shoppable Guarantee protects both buyers and sellers from fraudulent transactions. Here’s how it works

Order Purchased

Protection from Shoppable Guarantee starts once you’ve made a purchase.

Payment Withheld

Sellers won’t receive your payment until you confirm that the order has been received successfully.

Accept & Inspect Order

Once you’ve accepted your order, inspect the products to ensure they meet your standards.

Order Received

Once you’re 100% satisfied with your order, click ‘Order Received’; only then will your payment be released to the seller.

What is covered

Money-back &
Safe and Easy
Shipping and Logistics Services

Moneyback Guarantee & Refund Policy

Get your money back within 30 days after the delivery date if the agreed terms are not met
with the supplier, or if your order has not been shipped, arrives with defects or dead on arrival, missing or incorrect items, damages, or other product related issues.

Resolution Support

If there’s any problem with a refund, we will mediate to get your money back.

Safe and Easy Payments

All payments you make through are safeguarded through encryption, ensuring both security and swift processing. Pay with all major payment methods such as check, PESONet, Instapay, bank-to-bank wire transfers, bank deposit, credit card, Maya and GCash. 

Shoppable Payments

Bank Deposit

Check Deposit

Check on Delivery

Check Scanning

Credit Card

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Additional fees apply

Pay Online Via our Check Out

Pay Online Via Bank Transfer

Check Deposit

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Shipping and Logistics Services

Through our global network of trusted logistic partners, you can track your shipments in real-time from local to international shipments. Reduce uncertainty and
let us help with your business with importation for international orders that can be delivered direct to your door.