Shoppable Team Feature: Say hello to Wise!

He’s one who lives up to his name. Shoppable’s Project Manager, Wise Fajardo, is a nut for tech. In this busy startup community, we tend to be preoccupied with countless tasks here and there. But meeting well-rounded people like Wise offers a refreshing perspective towards innovation, tech, life, and everything in between. Today, we’ll be hearing about his thoughts about being a Project Manager in the Shoppable Team, and we’ll learn more about his interests beyond the hours of the nine-to-five.

Q: Tell us about yourself and what you do at Shoppable.

A: Good day! I am Wilon Fajardo, but you can call me Wise. The Project Manager/Scrum Master. I make sure things keep spinning and are getting done with the dev team/engineers and its stakeholders (Product, Ops, etc). In short, I need to keep the team sane. Making sure priorities and goals are met.

Q: What do you like most about your role at Shoppable?

A: It makes me practice critical thinking, which allows me to grow exponentially. Pushing-off blockers and solving problems, and breaking boundaries with the team. Every day is something new, definitely not a routine role. 

Q: How did you get into tech? In addition, what do you find most interesting about it?

A: I was so intrigued with mobile development back in my college days. And so, I took BS in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Engineering. Around 2015 smartphones are booming. I look forward to the development of Android. It was just something useful for apps/games back then, but slowly it was optimized for productivity. It definitely has a lot of potential in the upcoming years.

Q: What tangible object do you find most essential as a Project Manager? Why?

A: 2-in-1 laptop/tablet. In or out of the office, this is how I communicate with my team. This is where tools for productivity are—a tablet for more mobility, so I can work anywhere.

Q: What habits do you have outside of work (e.g., playing video games, biking, photojournalism – it could be anything)?

A: I’m an outdoor enthusiast. I can play any sport but mainly Cycling and Badminton. And I am an overlander, I love exploring unpaved roads, trails, mountains, and as a freediver, beaches and the adrenaline it gives. Going deeper every dive. If only feasible, I would like to be able to work ANYWHERE. Imagine having a good cup of freshly brewed coffee while in a meeting with the team, achieving goals while appreciating the vast and smooth sea of clouds. Would simply describe that as awesome.

Q: Which among the local destinations have you been to so far? Which among these places would you recommend to a first-time traveler?

A: I’ve been to almost every destination in Luzon except Batanes; also been to Visayas but never have I been to Mindanao. For overlanding, Lake Tabeo in Kabayan Benguet. For Freediving, either Coron, Palawan, or the sardines run in Moalboal Cebu. For mountaineering Mt. Ulap or Mt. Pulag. For clean white sand, Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon. For a desert-like experience, sand dunes in Ilocos. And a lot more. We have almost everything here in PH, and it’s just waiting for us to explore.

Q: In five years, where do you see yourself? How is your work now aligned with what you want to achieve?

A: To be a leader/head of an engineering department. I have this principle that being faithful in the least is also faithful in much. Now, handling a small team gives me a lot of experience and growth that would be really useful when the time comes I would be qualified for the whole engineering department. But anyhow, growth is my main priority, not roles or titles; these are just bonuses. Quantifying my current tenure, then in 5 years’ time, I should then be five times better than I am right now, handling the team and accomplishing multiple goals.

Q: Have you always wanted to work in tech?

A: Yes, since I love maximizing our engineering capabilities to innovate. Giving modern solutions to modern problems. Product! Gives me more growth opportunities, specifically having a better understanding and perspective on both the engineering side and the product side gives me the edge to see problems and give solutions with pinpoint accuracy. Contributing to the success of the company.

Q: What is your go-to beverage when you want to unwind (it could be coffee, beer, or just water)? What do you like about it?

A: Coffee if it’s the day, beer if nighttime! Love the different variants of each. Gives more flavor that’s always refreshing. Also, thinking about the meticulous process of making these. Both are brewed. Both need some love. Knowing each step in the process makes it more enjoyable to savor each drop.

Q: What standard or principle do you uphold regarding growth and self-improvement (e.g., thinking outside the box)?

A: Learning and growth never stop. In whatever we do, may it be work, may it be Netflix, may it be hiking, may it be meetings, and whatever it may be, there is always something to learn. We can’t turn back time. Every tick of the hand counts. Making the most of every opportunity.

There’s really more to people than we could ever imagine. Like Wise, as part of the Shoppable Team, he’s an expert when it comes to tech and software engineering. However, beyond that, he’s also an outgoing and adventurous person who can explore the heights of mountains and the depths of the sea. For Wise, there’s no mountain high, and there’s no valley low; that would keep him from exploring the destinations of this world and the wonderful places he’ll reach in his career. Speaking of careers, if you’d like to hear more about the members of the Shoppable Team, stay tuned for more of our features!

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