Shoppable Team Feature: Say Hi to Steven!

Working in a startup environment, sometimes things get busy, and sometimes that spares us from the opportunity to get to know the people we work with. We do have activities to balance that, but today, we’ll hear about Shoppable’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Steven: his insights, and the ideas that he lives by.

Q: Tell us about yourself and what you do at Shoppable

A:  Hello! My name is Steven Sevilla, and I am a Digital Marketing Specialist. My role primarily involves creating and optimizing articles, email newsletters, Facebook Ads, and a little WordPress management to support our marketing efforts.

Q: What do you like most about your role at Shoppable?

A: What I like most about my role in Shoppable is transforming an idea into words or content by creating articles. I also enjoy experiencing eureka moments when faced with problems that require solutions, especially when I figure out the solution myself.

Q: What device or tool do you find most handy as a Digital Marketing Specialist? Tell us why you chose this device or app.

A: Personally, the tool I find most handy is Ahrefs. Ahrefs allows me to explore and target keywords with low keyword difficulty and high volume traffic, which serves as a guide in creating content that could potentially bring a lot of organic traffic.

Q: What interested you in pursuing your skill in your current role?

A: I just love being able to express my thoughts, and in my role, I have the opportunity to transform my ideas into written content. In addition, I love the feeling of solving problems and finding effective solutions.

Q: Tell us about something you’re proud of (it could be anything, from a dish to waking up today).

A: When I was 20, I started a steak & salmon reselling business as an experiment. I only had a capital of P10,000, and I could sell products worth around P48,000 with a gross profit of P8,000 in 3 months. But I decided not to continue the business since I had to go back to College at that time.

Q: Tell us about your favorite game or movie. What do you like about it?

A: Ever since I was 6, I have always been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise. I only started playing Final Fantasy XIV a month ago, but it is my favorite game right now. The game is an MMORPG with an amazing storyline, which is the essence of every Final Fantasy game. Also, some parts of FFXIV’s storyline involve easter eggs from previous Final Fantasy iterations, which hits me with a lot of childhood nostalgia.

Q: Out of the countless local destinations in the country, which is your favorite, or which one would you like to visit? Why?

A: My favorite place that I’ve visited locally is Boracay. It was the first trip that I spent my own money on, and I also went with my partner on that trip. The place was beautiful, and we got to try lots of activities. I remember falling off the jetski twice, lol.

Q: Skill, talent, or money; which one would you choose among these three options? Tell us why.

A: Skill. I choose skill because I can leverage that skill into income-generating opportunities.

Q: What hobbies do you have, or what recreational activities would you like to try? Tell us about it.

A: My hobbies are playing video games and working out (right now, I’m bulking). I’m interested in joining a 5K marathon run. A long time ago, I was able to run 3KM within 20 minutes, but only on a treadmill.

Q: What is your ultimate dream? What actions are you taking to achieve your goals to fulfill your dream?

A: My ultimate goal is to have peace while living comfortably. Right now, I’m taking steps toward my goal by taking as much learning in the industry as possible. I’m also re-learning graphic design to add to my skill set to leverage in my future endeavors.

Within the lines of nine to five, we know Steven as the marketing guy, the reserved and insightful guy at the corner of the room. Like a mystery book filled with adventure and ideas spurring here and there, Steven never fails to amaze. He’s Shoppable’s go-to person for anything SEO and optimization, but he’s also an expert in playing Final Fantasy and traveling the archipelago. He’s one whom you can depend on when WordPress or Facebook Ads need optimization, but he’s also one whom you can count on if you want to be inspired as an aspiring entrepreneur. Shoppable’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Steven, is well beyond his years in innovation, teamwork, and adventure – inside and outside work. Get to know more about Shoppable’s inspiring members by staying up to date with our series of team features!

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