Shoppable Team Feature: What’s up, Belle?

In the fast-paced startup industry, our schedules often become jam-packed with productivity, leaving little time to connect with our coworkers. Nevertheless, the bright side is that this fast-paced environment introduces us to a plethora of interesting people along the way. Each with their own intriguing interests, experiences, and stories to share. With this, we introduce Shoppable Business’ very own Digital Marketing Associate, Belle Hernandez! Let’s hear about her ideas, interests, and goals.

Q: Tell us about yourself and what you do at Shoppable.

A: Hi! I’m Belle, Shoppable’s Digital Marketing Associate. I contribute content and social media management for the Shoppable website and its platforms. My role involves generating quality articles for WordPress publication, alongside SEO reports for the Shoppable website.

Q: What do you find special about your role at Shoppable?

A: I find that creating content for the Shoppable website establishes a portfolio for our blog to become a learning platform for entrepreneurs, established businesses, and those who are embarking on their journey toward becoming fortified innovators. As a digitized procurement platform, we’re doubly serving our audience with their procurement needs and the information they need to guide them in making wiser shopping decisions.

Q: Anything under the sun, what do you like to do when you’re not working?

A: I’m currently learning Photoshop and I’m also self-studying Korean. Beyond those two skills-building practices, I also crochet, make soap, and scented candles, and I take care of my plants and herbs.

Q: Tell us about a book, song, or film that you want others to know about. What’s so special about it?

A: For a book, I would recommend “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous,” by Ocean Vuong. While it has nothing to do with business or entrepreneurship, it’s an interesting read that talks about the life of people who become marginalized because of their background and history. It’s a true story-based work that can be read in one sitting. 

For a song, I have nothing in mind, but I would recommend tuning in to the YouTube channel “Soft White Underbelly.” It’s an ad-free channel I’ve been listening to since 2021. It talks about the people who are considered out-of-the-ordinary or the people whom the population treats as “invisible.” 

For a film, I recommend “Dead Poets Society.” It first entered theaters in 1989, starring Robin Williams as John Keating – the unorthodox professor who teaches his pupils about seizing opportunities or “Carpe Diem.” It’s a film I’ve watched over ten times and still continue to enjoy.

Q: Tell us about your dream destination. It can be local or international.

A: My local dream destination is Batanes, since I’ve always found provincial life calming, and I also prefer mountains over beaches. For international, I’d love to visit South Africa and go bungee jumping on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. When I visit someday, I’d like to immerse myself in the culture of the country and its wildlife.

Q: How has your role at Shoppable helped you grow in your career, and how does it align with your career goals?

A: Looking back at square one, I’d say I’ve grown much professionally, from time management to working on technical tasks. With the goals I set for myself (career-wise), my role at Shoppable continues to provide me with significant learnings every day, like being resourceful, researching, and communicating with the members of our team. I’m certain that all these are essential for my growth as a person and professional.

Q: Tell us about the team you work with. What do you admire most about the environment you work in?

A: We’re a small group of people in Marketing, but what I admire most about the team is how we’re able to work collaboratively and individually without micro-management. I also appreciate the leadership and transparency of each member of the team. There’s never a moment that somebody throws flak over another team member. In Marketing, there’s always room for improvement and creativity for each person to contribute.

Q: Have you always been interested in eCommerce and entrepreneurship?

A: No, both of these ideas were never on my list of plans. However, I was surprised how I ventured into a role that is part of a booming industry in the Philippines. Despite this not being part of my plans, I’m still enjoying the journey of learning and growing alongside my colleagues.

Q: What dish or beverage would you recommend to your workmates?

A: My ultimate favorite dish is Salmon Sashimi and Sushi, and I’d recommend this to anyone I know. 😃

Q: Between money, talent, and creativity which would you pick, and why? In line with this, what value does this pose in the future you want to establish as a professional?

A: I’d choose money. With money, you can pursue avenues where you can exercise your talents and creativity. With money, you can help people and yourself. And in shaping my career, I would require money to fuel my interests and goals. When I have enough money – where I don’t worry about bills and expenses, I’d have enough to establish myself as a professional.

Today, we’ve heard about Belle, both within and beyond the professional setting. An inspiring, innovative mind with an extreme love for salmon sashimi, literature, and an adventurous drive to explore various interests, hobbies, and travel. With her expertise in writing, researching, and everything in-between her role in Shoppable Business, we are delighted to work with such a talent that never fails to bring out creativity into her craft. We can definitely say that she’s passionate about putting in the work in achieving her professional goals.

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