Digitizing the Procurement Process in the Philippines

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Making procurement easy, a better way to buy and sell for businesses 

Your one-stop shop for procurement of goods from a wide selection of categories that your business needs. We are making it easier for businesses to buy and sell all online. Shoppable Business is your one-stop shop for everything your business needs. We’ve digitized the procurement process, saving companies time and money from thousands of vetted suppliers.  

What is procurement?

Procurement is the process of obtaining goods and services in quantity at the lowest price possible, with the best value from a third-party vendor through direct purchasing, competitive bidding, and tendering of goods and services to support your day-to-day business operations.

What items are mostly procured for businesses?

The procurement of goods and services depends on the business you’re running. Let’s say a company would procure items in bulk such as computer equipment, office supplies, office furniture, ergonomic chairs, office desks, bond papers, machinery, and typically anything that a business needs for everyday operations. The good news is Shoppable Business has it all!

Here’s a list of the categories a business can buy and sell on the Shoppable Business Marketplace

Automotive & Fleet Parts
Books & Training
Computers & Tablets
Construction & Repair
Electrical & Power
Farm & Agriculture
Food & Beverage
Hospitality & Spa
Medical Supplies & Consumables
Office Products
Promotional Products
Restaurant & Kitchen
Retail & Tradeshow
Sports & Fitness
Test & Measure
Uniforms & Embroidery
Warehouse & Logistics

What is the procurement & purchasing process for business in the Philippines?

The procurement process for businesses in the Philippines is a manual process and varies from business to business. From requiring multiple approvals from different officers & departments such as purchase requests, negotiations, fulfilling purchase orders, and record keeping to stay compliant with government taxes and regulations. 

  1. Identifying business needs
  2. Sourcing of vendors
  3. Product and goods selection
  4. Negotiation of price and terms
  5. Purchase requisition & orders
  6. Delivery of products and goods
  7. Receiving of products and goods
  8. Payments
  9. Record keeping for taxation & compliance

How Shoppable Business helps with the procurement process

With Shoppable Business, your business can skip all the difficult and stressful work of the procurement process. Get straight to buying office supplies in bulk with just a click of a button.

Shoppable Business helps businesses in the Philippines with the procurement process by eliminating the tedious processes of finding suppliers, requiring back-and-forth approvals and ensuring that every purchase you make comes with an invoice and a 2307 form.

  • Digitizing procurement (Procure office supplies in a B2B marketplace)
  • Providing invoices and form 2307 for every purchase order for tax filings and record keeping
  • Save money by purchasing items in bulk with same-day to next-day deliveries on select products and areas
  • Save time by making purchases from multiple suppliers with a few clicks of a button
  • Confidence that you’ll be buying 100% authentic branded products when buying on Shoppable

Procurement Made Easy 

Traditional Procurement can be challenging when done manually. Shoppable Business has digitized the procurement process. Easily shop for goods all online, set buying policies per employee or department, pay and scheduled deliveries all within our online platform.

Invoice for Every Purchase 

With other marketplaces, procurement can be a major pain point especially when trying to get an official sales invoice from the seller. With Shoppable Business, sales invoices and 2307 forms are provided for every purchase made through our platform. Never again will you have to chase down sales invoices and other forms for compliance. 

100% Authentic Brands

Shoppable Business ensures 100% authentic products through our brand registry program in partnership with GS1 Philippines. When buying on our platform, you can be assured every product is authentic and that every seller is authorized to sell that brand. 

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