Gadget Protection

Scope of Gadget Protection
The duration of this service runs a maximum of twelve (12) months, inclusive of up to 100% of the price the gadget was purchased at.

Gadget Protection service is applicable to:

1. Damage or loss caused by fraud or theft through forced entry
Includes interior and exterior damages to the gadget brought by fraud or theft through forced entry.

2. Accidental and/or liquid damage
Includes damage to qualifiable gadgets affected by accidental damages covering those caused by weather disturbances or liquid spills.

3. Professional repair services from authorized vendors
Get efficient and quality repair service for the gadget. In the likelihood that the gadget cannot be repaired or is beyond workable service repair, you may either get a replacement of the same device or a similar kind in the same specs and condition or receive a cash refund at the gadget’s market value as you decide.

Customer Service

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