Cancellations, Returns & Refunds

Buyers can still cancel an order immediately within 30 minutes from creating an order.  Orders can also be canceled as long as the order is not yet handed by the seller to our logistics partner.

Here are the following allowed cancellations in the system:

  1. Reason for cancellation
    1. Buyer initiated order cancellation (pending)
      1. Change Order (variation and item specification changes)
      2. Change mode of payment
      3. Change address
      4. Duplicate order
      5. Wrong item bought
      6. Item bought from another seller
  1. Seller initiated order cancellation
    1. No inventory or item out of stock
  1. Shoppable initiated order cancellation
    1. Order automatically canceled within 2-3 days from the payment date  as the seller did not confirm the shipment
    2. Order is automatically canceled by Shoppable because the system detected that the buyer is fraudulent. [done in Paynamics]
    3. Order is canceled because of failed payment verification. [done in Paynamics]

Returns Policy

All returns must be made within the number of days the seller specifies on the product page. The return period can vary from 7-30 days from the date of the delivery depending on the seller.  Items should be returned on its original packaging, unsealed and unused. A request for return and refund can be initiated if the buyer has not selected the Order Received button on the Order Details page.

The following are the accepted reasons for Order Returns:

1. Product not as advertised 
2. Faulty or damaged item
3.Product not as advertised
4. Wrong item received
5. Missing parts/items

Non-Returnable Items

The following items are non-returnable

  • All grocery products and perishables
  • Some jewelry orders
  • Some health and personal care orders
  • Open software
  • Items with special shipping restrictions
  • Live insects and fish
  • Digital products (ebooks, software licenses, music)
  • Downloadable software products
  • Any product missing the serial number or UPC (only if product had it originally)
  • Computer laptops, desktops, tablets more than 7-30 days after delivery (depending on seller)
  • Items that are classified as hazardous materials or that use flammable liquid or gases
  • Some pre-order items

Partial Refunds

Buyer can request for a partial refund from the Seller, but it shouldn’t be more than the total amount for refund of the item.

Buyer may request for a partial  refund from the following reasons:

  1. Did not receive the item in full
  2. Missing parts of an item
  3. Incorrect product variation
  4. Received an item with physical damage 
  5. Received a faulty or damaged item

Return and Full Refund

 A full amount of the item may be requested by the buyer , subject for the approval of the seller, in the following cases:

  1. Product not as advertised 
  2. Incorrect product variation
  3. Received an item with physical damage
  4. Received a faulty or damaged item
  5. Wrong item received
  6. Missing parts of an item


The following are the refund types that will only be processed by Shoppable Philippines:

  1. Refunds from canceled orders 
  2. Refunds from returns
  3. Refunds from failed deliveries

When you get your refund

Here are the time frames for our refund policy.  

All refunds shall be made via the original payment method and to the person who made the original payment,

Payment MethodRefund MethodRefund Time
Credit CardCredit Card10-45 Business Days
Debit CardDebit Card8-10 Business Days
E-WalletGCash8-10 Business Days
Cheque Payments/ OTC PaymentsBank Deposit8-10 Business Days

We offer no guarantee of any nature for the timeliness of the refunds reaching your account. The processing of payment may take time and it is subject to the respective banks and/or payment provider internal processing timeline.

Note: If your original payment method’s account was closed, the refund sent by Shoppable won’t be processed. If this happens, we’ll contact you and you’ll have the option to update your payment method.